Mountains and Nature

This site is provided as a gallery for photographs I have taken, either during safaris, treks or expeditions abroad, or else nearer to home (the UK).

Mountains are represented by trips to Aconcagua in Argentina, Antarctica and the Himalayas. Nature is represented by a selection of the creatures encountered in the UK, Africa, Malaysia, Brazil, India, the USA and the Arctic Regions, and by photomicrographs of tissue, crystals, spiders and insects.

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Scoresby Sound, Greenland 2019

This trip was aimed at photographing landscape rather than my normal subject mater of wildlife. It was organised by Visonary Wild, of Washington D.C. who specialise in workshops and expeditions for the dedicated photographer. We were based on the former herring lugger S/V REMBRANDT VAN RIJN, now fitted out as a cruise ship. The party of 13 clients and three leaders (Jerry Dodrill, Daniel Beltra and Daisy Gillardini) were accompanied by a crew of 10 and two guides.

Scoresby Sound is the largest fjord system in the world. It covers 14,700 square miles and penetrates over 200 miles into Grenland's interior.

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ARPS Panel(2019)

In August 2019 I was awarded the distinction of Associate of the Royal Photographic Society, in the category of Imaging Science, for a panel of 15 prints of Electron Micrographs. In addition to the prints, I was required to submit a "Statement of Intent" of not more than 150 words, and supporting information to demonstrate my understanding of Scanning Electron Microscopy and also my ability to identify spiders to species level.

Click on the "Hanging Plan" to access the images and supporting documentation.

Arctic Lights Photographic Special, 2019

This Exodus trip was designed for keen photographers to photograph the Aurora Borealis, in North Norway, under the guidance of Paul Goldstein. The weather forecast two days ahead of the holiday was very bad and Exodus pulled out all the stops to bring the trip forward by one day to give us at least one shot at photographing the Northern Lights. We stayed at the Andoy Frilufssenter, Buksnesfjord, as guests of Nigel and Ingvild Turrell, where the welcome was very warm and the food the best I have ever eaten - literally!

When not photographing the Aurora (which was most of the time) we took a trip to a frozen lake to try our hand at fishing through the ice, and went on trips searching for wildlife and landscape. We also tried our hand at photographing breaking waves at slow shutter speeds, which produced some pleasing results but also, sadly, several broken cameras.

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South East Alaska, July 2018

This trip was again organised by Exodus, and involved a 10-day cruise in a 69 ft yacht around the "Inside Passage" of South-East Alaska. We had great sightings of humpback whales, orcas, black and brown bears, sea otters, and bald eagles among other species.

The trip was led by the Norwegian jounalist and photographer Stig Brondbo.

Click on the image of the breaching humpback whale to navigate to the index and enter the galleries from there. If you are short of time, you could simply inspect a selection of 20 photos in their own gallery.

Masai Mara 2018

I returned to the Masai Mara in March 2018. Despite this time of year being regarded as the "quiet season" we encountered nine different leopards and many lions. Among the other highlights were several baby elephants and a serval cat.

The trip was once again led by the photographer Paul Goldstein.

Click on the image of the leopard to navigate to the index and enter the galleries from there. If you are short of time, you could simply inspect a selection of 20 photos in their own gallery.

Land of the Jaguar (Brazil) 2017

I had long wanted to visit the Pantanal area of Brazil to photograph the wildlife there.

The trip was marketed by Exodus Expeditions, and led by the photographer Paul Goldstein.

We flew to Sao Paulo before transferring to a flight to Cuiaba, from where we travelled by minibus to the Transpantaneira highway. We divided our time between the Araras Eco Lodge and Porto Joffre.

Click on the image of the jaguar to navigate to the index and enter the galleries from there. If you are short of time, you could simply inspect the top 20 photos in their own gallery.

South Georgia 2017

I first visited South Georgia in 2015, but since that visit lasted less than two hours, I decided I would like to go back.

I travelled with One Ocean Expeditions on a "Photographic Symposium" led by Daisy Gilardini aided by several other expert photographers, on board the Akademic Sergei Vavilov.

The trip spent seven whole days travelling around South Georgia and we also managed two successful landings on the Falkland Islands.

Click on the image of the penguins to navigate to the index and enter the galleries from there. If you are short of time, you could simply inspect the top 20 photos in their own gallery.

Svalbard 2016

This was my second visit to the Norwegian Arctic. I travelled once more with Exodus and Paul Goldstein, and we were fortunate to also have the renowned wildlife photographer Mark Carwardine on board..

We had no fixed itinerary, preferring to plan according to the weather and any wildlife reports we could glean.

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Scanning Electron Microscopy

As from the end of January 2016 I have taken on a major new project, involving the use of a Scanning Electron Microscope for the detailed study and imaging of arachnids and other interesting specimens.

Clicking on the image (or this link) will take you to my SEM Website.

Kenya September 2014

This was a more relaxed (and less photographically productive) safari than my previous ones to Kenya. I travelled again with Exodus, but on a different itinerary and with a different leader.

The first stop was Lake Elementaita Lodge, where we enjoyed a long nature walk along the lake shore and round about. This was followed by a day in Lake Nakuru National Park, where we saw a variety of birds and animals, including a pair of white rhinocerous. Finally we took a long drive across the Rift Valley to the Masai Mara, staying in Ilkeliani Camp. We again saw rhinocerous, but this time the black variety, along with many other animals and birds.

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Masai Mara, August 2012

Having first visited the Masai Mara in 2010 (see below) I revisited the reserve two years later in a different season, to witness the migration.

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India - Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve, March 2012

This trip was specifically aimed at photographers. It was marketed by Exodus and led by photographer Paul Goldstein.

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The Arctic (Svalbard) July 2011

This trip was specifically aimed at photographers, and marketed by Exodus, in association with Quark Expeditions. It was led by Dave "Woody" Wood and photographer Paul Goldstein, along with a team of experts in ornithology, mammals, geology etc.

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Masai Mara (Kenya) 2010

This trip was billed as a photographic safari, and marketed by Exodus. It was an intensive week of game drives under the watchful eye of the respected wildlife photographer Paul Goldstein. We stayed at Kicheche Bush Camp and undertook long drives into the reserve and National Park. Click on the lioness head to select and view the galleries.

Costa Rica

Although it was not entirely dedicated to wildlife watching it was the prospect of viewing and photgraphing wildlife in the various national parks that persuaded me to take this trip. It was organised by The Adventure Company in collaboration with Costa Rican Trails. In addition to a number of national parks, the itinerary took in visits to beaches, volcanoes and archaeological sites.

LRPS Panel 2007

In March 2007 I was awarded the distinction of "Licentiate of the Royal Photographic Society" for a panel of 10 prints. The pictures may be viewed by clicking on the image to the left. Further details of the Royal Photographic Society and its distinctions schemes may be found on the distinctions area of their website.

Namibia and Botswana 2006

Definitely a photography trip first and foremost, with very little walking involved. The trip included a visit to the Okavango Delta in Botswana and trips to national parks and other sights in Namibia. The images reflect my interest in insects as well as in the larger animals, but arachnophobes will be relieved that there are only two spider images among them (although there is one scorpion)! Click on the image of the elephant to see the galeries from this trip.

Peru 2005

This was a bit of a departure for me, since it was a "coach trip" rather than an expedition. It was organised by The Adventure Company but it proved a very time-efficient method of seeing a large number of sights in the country in a short length of time. Needless to say I took the opportunity of an extension to view wildlife in a lodge on a tributary of the Amazon. Click on the image of Machu Picchu to see more pictures from the trip.

Rolwaling Summits (Nepal) 2003

This trip was provided by Jagged Globe and was intended to combine trekking in the relatively un-touched Rolwaling Valley with the ascent of two peaks over 6,000 metres. Click on the mountain (Chekigo) for more details and photos.

SABAH (Borneo) 2003

This trip was organised for me by Borneo Travel specifically so that I could photograph insects and other wildlife at my own pace. Pictures on the site include subjects as diverse as village huts, monkeys, spiders and stick-insects. Click on the crested lizard for more details of the trip, and to access the photographs.


The Antarctic "Climb/Cruise" provided the opportunity to climb peaks on the Antarctic Peninsula right off our ship, the Grigoriy Mikheev, and also to view wildlife at close quarters. Click on the links to enter the various galleries devoted to each of these main topics.

Peaks and Excursions

ACONCAGUA (1999-2000)

Aconcagua and Polish Glacier from Casa de Piedra Aconcagua is the highest mountain in South America and the second highest of the "Seven Summits". It is 6,962 metres high. That's a whisker under 23,000. It is located in Argentina, near the Chilean border.

To see further photos from this trip click on the links below.

Trek to Base Camp     Above Base Camp



The Khumbu Region of Nepal includes Everest and the surrounding High Peaks. The purpose of this trip was to climb a number of peaks between 5,300 and 6,200 metres high, in the region.

To see further photos from this trip click on the links below.

Lukla to Namche Bazaar Namche to Pokalde Island Peak
Lobuche East Gokyo and the Return


Red Ants at Tama Negara

My interest lies mainly with insects and spiders, but my knowledge of the subject is limited. Any assistance with accurate identification would be much appreciated!

To see further creature photos, click on the links below.

Malaysian Spiders See also my Sabah 2003 Spiders photographs.
Malaysian Insects (and other creatures) See also my Sabah 2003 Insects photographs.
British Insects


My fascination with microscopes is more for the fact that they can be used to take interesting photographs, rather than for contributing to my minimal knowledge of biology. To see a selection of photos taken with high power and low power microscopes click on the image.

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