The Arctic Day-by-Day and Top 20

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  Top20 (27K)Top 20 Photos   
Day_1-2 (25K)Days 1 and 2: Departure from Longyearbyen, glaciers and first polar bear      Day_3 (9K)Day 3: Andoyane Islands and Monaco Glacier      Day_4 (9K)Day 4: On the edge of the sea ice
Day_5 (9K)Day 5: Birds, Walrus and a close encounter with a bear      Day_6 (9K)Day 6: A bear on an iceberg!      Day_7 (9K)Day 7: Close Encounters with Walrus
Day_8 (8K)Day 8: Mostly birds, including puffins       Day_9 (8K)Day 9: Surrounded by Sea Ice       Day_10 (8K)Day 10: Arctic Fox and Reindeer       
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