Big Pictures of Small Things

This book contains a selection of scanning electron micrographs taken during the first year that I had owned my TESCAN MIRA 4 scanning electron microscope (SEM).

It is a hard-cover print on demand book of 67 pages printed, by Blurb, in large landscape format on "Premium Lustre"" paper.

The subject matter is quite wide ranging and extends well beyond my special interest in arachnology. The book is laid out such that each left hand page of the first 10 chapters contains a single large image, while the facing page normally contains three smaller images and a small amount of text. The first right hand page of each chapter may contain fewer images and more text. There are two spreads which contain "anaglyphs" of diatoms and pollen grains resepectively. These, when viewed through red/cyan "glasses", give a striking three-dimensional appearance. (Suitable cardboard-framed "glasses" may be bought very cheaply on-line.) In addition to the chapters displaying electron micrographs, there are three chapters that describe how an SEM works, how I post-process each image, and the specification and appearance of my own SEM respectively.

The book is not available from booksellers, and as such is quite expensive, given that it is printed in small quantities. Contact me using the link on the home page if you are interested in obtaining a copy (UK only, because of Brexit red tape).

Book Cover

Table of Contents

Part of chapter on the Green Shield Bug

Part of Chapter on Pseudoscorpions

Anaglyphs of Pollen Grains - red/cyan glasses are required to obtain the 3-D effect

SEM Description