Masai Mara 2018 Day-by-Day and Top 20

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   Top 20 Photos
An arbitrary collection of some of my favourite photographs from this expedition
Day 1: Arrival and first day of safaris
We assembled at Nairobi Wilson airport for the short flight to the airstrip nearest to Kicheche Bush Camp. From the airstrip we immediately embarked on our first safari while the luggage was taken to the camp on a different vehicle.
       Day 2: First encounters with leopards
After an early encounter with some lions and cubs we went off in search of a female leopard, known as the Kaboso leopard after the area she inhabits. Later on we met up with our two cheetah brothers from Day 1, and a second female leopard, known as Fig.
       Day 3: A baby elephant and yet another leopard
One cannot expect the same dgeree of success on each safari day, but on this safari things just got better and better
Day 4: A close encounter with an elephant and some new species
We set off in a new direction today. We came across leopard number four, as well as some species not previously encountered. At one stage an elephant, known to our driver, approached so close that we could smell its breath.
       Day 5: Another leopard, this time with cubs
We located Tito with her two cubs, early in the morning and rejoined them in the evening after witnessing a cheetah kill.
       Day 6: Mainly about Lions
The morning safari took the form of a drive from Bush Camp to Kicheche Mara Camp, where we were to spend the final two days of our safari. Lions were the dominant species today.
Day 7: A bit of everything
We spotted a female leopard and her adolescent cub just 200 metres from camp. We then came across more lions and elephant, and some dancing crowned cranes, before rejoining the leopards in the evening.
       Day 8: Our final safari
We ventured out on our final safari in the morning to view a number of lions, mainly male, as well as more elephants, a savannah monitor and a kingfisher. After lunch we were driven to Mara North airstrip where we took the flight back to Nairobi, and then on to London.
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