Arctic Lights "Photographic Special"

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On arrival at Andoy Friluftssenter we immediately put our cameras to work photographing the Aurora Borealis in temperatures of -7 Celsius. This was the only time we saw the Aurora, so there was no chance of reviewing our photographs in slow time and applying lessons learnt on a subsequent evening.
Andoy Friluftssenter and Frozen Lake
On the morning of the first full day we walked 4 km to a frozen lake, where we tried out hand at fishing through holes in the ice (with minimal success).
Although the trip was not billed as a wildlife safari, the chance to photograph wildlife was one of the attractions for me. We saw a few sea eagles and bedraggled moose, and some otters at some distance on the ice. The conditions for photography were somewhat poor, however.
Since there was little wildlife to pursue we spent two mornings photographing breaking waves on a beach on Andoya. We were encouraged to use slow shutter speeds (a speciality of Paul Goldstein) which provided a few pleasing looking photographs, to my eyes at least.