The Land of the Jaguar 2017 Day-by-Day and Top 20

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   Top 20 Photos
An arbitrary collection of some of my favourite photographs from this expedition
Day 1: Araras Eco Lodge
On arrival at Araras Lodge we were at liberty to explore the neighbourhood on foot, before taking a truck ride further afield in search of exotic birds and mammals.
       Day 2: Porto Jofre
We departed the Araras lodge at 3 am to journey down to our hotel in Porto Jofre, to arrive in time for breakfast, followed by morning and afternoon boat trips on the river, during which we spotted our first jaguars.
       Day 3: Just Another Day
We had a total of six days of river trips booked. On our second day on the river we spotted more jaguars, as well as otters.
Day 4: Further Encounters with Jaguars
We had a further encounter with an old male, seen on Day 3, and also observed and followed various females as they went about their lives.
       Day 5: The Beach
We identified one particular location for jaguar watching that we were to return to regularly for the rest of our visit.
       Day 6: Around Camp
Heavy rain overnight forced the cancellation of our morning boat trip. Instead, we were able to explore the area around the lodge at which we were staying.
Day 7: Our Last and Best Day on the River
We witnessed a jaguar hunting, and bade farewell to the family on the beach.
       Days 8 and 9: Back at Araras Eco Lodge
We spent a further day and a half at Araras Lodge further exploring the neighbourhood on foot and in a vehicle. In this period we spotted the elusive giant anteater and several other shy mammals (mostly too shy to provide decent photographs!).
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