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   Top20 (27K) Top 20 Photos
An arbitrary collection of some of my favourite photographs from this expedition
Fugelfjorden Day 1 Fugelfjorden
This first Zodiac cruise was really a "trial run" to familiarise us with the routine. The weather was misty and photography was difficult, but at least we were able to leave the ship for a couple of hours.
       Monaco Day 2: Monaco Glacier & Worsleynesset
Monaco Glacier plays host to many kittiwakes feeding off Arctic cod at its foot.
Our first shore landing was at Worsleynesset, and provided a chance to view plant and animal life and stretch our legs.
       Pack Ice Day 3: Pack Ice
Polar bears spend time on the pack ice, in search of seals to eat. In previous years the pack ice has extended close into the eastern side of Svalbard, but this year we had to sail to latitudes in excess of 81 degrees north to find the ice, and with it polar bears.
Sjuoyane Day4: Sjuoyane - Seven Islands
We sailed to this location overnight to be woken to a vista of islands and bays. As we ate our breakfast, the guides went out in Zodiacs to scout for wildlife.
       Alkefjellet Day 5: The Fat Bear
We had intended to land on th easternmost island of Kvitoya, but this was shrouded in mist. Instead, we headed north once more to the pack ice.
       Bear28June Day6: The Bear that Came to the Ship
This was undoubtedly the most exciting doay of the entire expedition. A lone female polar bear was spotted on the ice at considerable distance. The captain put the bows of the ship into the pack ice and we waited for some sort of scenario to unfold.
Sorgfjord Day 7: Sorgfjord
We landed at Crozierpynten, where there were relics from the Swedish - Russian Arc-de-Meridien scientific expedition. Later we crossed the bay to photograph a walrus colony.
       Alkefjellet Day 8: Alkefjellet
Thes basalt cliffs are home to myriads of Brunich's guillemots, who nest on the sheer cliff face out of reach of the Arctic foxes that roam the lower slopes in search of eggs and other prey.
       Day_10 (8K) Day 9: Diskobukta
Bearing similarities to Alkefjellet, Diskobukta is a canyon whose cliffs are home to large numbers of kittiwakes, again attracting Arctic foxes.
Day_8 (8K) Day 10: Burgerbukta
The last day of the cruise was intended to be a relaxed day, but these arrangements were thrown into disarray when a polar bear was located on ice at the foot of a glacier.
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