SABAH 2003

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All photographs Copyright Jeremy Poole 2003

Important Note: where a species has been identified, the identification represents my "best guess" based on the reference material I have to hand. Any corrections, or identifications for unidentified species would be much appreciated. Mail me.

Miki Camp is a camp in the jungle above Kg. Kilau village where visitors are able to learn the traditional methods of surviving in the jungle. These photos illustrate the camp, the village and my guide Sadib Miki. Further details of Miki Survival camp can be found at this link.
We were lucky to find not one but two large lizards on the first day of the jungle visit. There were birds to be seen, but these were difficult to photograph. The last four days of the trip were spent at Swamp Lodge, Weston, on the West coast of Sabah, observing macaque and proboscis monkeys.
There was plenty of insect life in the jungle, as well as around Weston. Among the most spectacular creatures seen were praying mantis and stick-insects.
I had hoped to encounter quantities of large and spectacular spiders. In the event only one large species was found, but the smaller varieties (similar in size to the larger UK species) provided sufficient scope to make the trip a success. The "gasteracantha" species were particularly photogenic.
There was also interesting plant life to be seen. These photos include two varieties of pitcher plant, which extract their nutrients from insect or plant matter trapped in their "pitchers". A number of different orchid varieties were pnotographed at the Poring Orchid Preservation Centre.
Many different varieties of fungus existed in the jungle. These photographs are a sample of the more photogenic of these.